New doppel or customer return? Quality question.




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    Customer Support

    Hi Mark,

    Thank you for getting in contact I sincerely apologize for the scratches that were on your doppel, none of current stock is returns so that certainly should not have passed our quality control process and I am very sorry you had to experience receiving a faulty doppel. We have emailed you directly to organize a replacement. 

    In regards to the seam, this doesn't usually appear so prominently on the doppel face, however, every doppel is individual and this faint seam is created during the manufacturing process and does not usually so visible. We're always happy to issue a replacement in any case that it is too noticeable.

    Huge apologies for any inconvenience.

    Best Wishes,


    doppel Community Manager

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  • Mark Snowdon

    I've been looking around, is the plastic flaw 'standard' ?  This pic from an article on the chargers shows the same issue.

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