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    Hey Mark,

    I am so sorry that your experience has been far from perfect, we really do take on board all of your feedback and suggestions. Your experience is the most important thing when it comes to improving doppel, so we take feedback very seriously. 

    I am so sorry that you had issues with the app and connectivity. Making changes to the app has been out first priority, we've listened to customer feedback and have worked around the clock to improve usability and connectivity. Thankfully, these issues have been addressed in our new app update which is scheduled to be released this week, where significant improvements to how doppel stays connected to the app and how you set your rhythms have been implemented. We've included better guidance for using touch controls and navigating the app also.

    The doppel face does not have a screen to ensure that it does not become a distraction like many tech gadgets can start to become over time. However, there are ways to improve touch sensitivity and feedback which we would certainly want to incorporate to improve the experience of our doppelgängers.

    Once again my sincerest apologies that your experience wasn't smooth and that you found doppel to be unsuitable, we very much hope you find the perfect solution for your needs.

    I have passed on all of your feedback to our product design teams. 

    Best Wishes,


    doppel Community Manager




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  • Mark Snowdon

    The app is terrible - unreliable.
    On my phone bluetooth shows dopple paired, app says not.
    daughters phone pairs ok, then does multiple updates, needing to re-pair after every time. so far we've re-paired 4 times. doppel keeps unpairing anyway.

    There is no tactile feedback for touch gestures - am i supposed to press or just touch?

    timing of multi touch gestures seems very exacting - turning off works 1st time, turning on takes multiple attempts every time.

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  • Mark Snowdon

    I've put a return request in.


    I'm interested in the concept and the benefits but the implementation doesn't work for me.

    There are a lot of things that could be improved (i assume) fairly easily.  

    The buzzer noise is intrusive.  

    I don't like the double 'heatbeat'  - I get what you are trying to do but it isn't actually like a heartbeat, you could add an option to the app to alter the heatbeat either to a single buzz or have the buzz more like a heatbeat. Ba-Dum

    Gesture sensitivity makes it unusable for me.   Surely you could have the ability to vary the exactness of the timing.  



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