The watch band, the touch controls, and random turn off.


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    Hi Brandon,

    Thank you so much for sharing your feedback with us, this is so valuable and we really appreciate you taking the time to be so detailed. It's great to hear that you do enjoy using doppel and it's having a positive effect, however, I am really sorry that your experience has not been entirely smooth sailing. I have sent you an email directly to organize setting up a replacement for you. 

    We do use standard spring pins on the straps which gives our doppelgängers the flexibility to use their own straps, but these pins should be stable and definitely not snapping off of your doppel, so we will get that replaced for you. Thank you for your feedback on the touch gestures, it is high on our list of things to improve, starting with sensitivity but you make an interesting point about what you find easier. As doppel is about connecting back to our bodies the touch controls were inspired by the natural gestures people tend to do when they are anxious like tapping and stroking the edge of the thumb, but your feedback is important to us and we really want to ensure doppel is as easy as possible to use. 

    To address the issue of your doppel stopping randomly, we do not have new firmware but we do have an app update that we are expecting to release this week, which will greatly improve connectivity. Because Bluetooth works differently on different devices, we've seen that on some phones, when the app is open and running, and the doppel is running, if the Bluetooth connection drops (either from distance or because of how the phone manages Bluetooth) then it can cause the doppel to stop, which could be what is happening to you. We've been working to smooth out issues in the app and our new update should resolve that issue.

    Thank you so much for your feedback, please keep sharing your thoughts we welcome it all because our doppelgängers drive how we evolve and improve doppel! 


    Best Wishes,


    doppel Community Manager







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