How does doppel fit in to your self-care regime?

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  • Andelynn40

    I bought this device to for insomnia due to stress and over thinking. I was hoping SLOWER pulse, however the device didn't hold power long enough and the on /off was not responding to my touch. Not a good battle before bedtime. 

    Thank you, this can be a great product! 


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  • Customer Support

    Hi Andrea,

    Sorry to hear that you have trouble with insomnia, I don't experience it too often myself but I am aware of how stressful and uncomfortable that can be - thank you for sharing your experience.

    I am sorry that you've had some problems controlling doppel. I appreciated your patience when going through our troubleshooting steps over email with me. Touch controls get easier as you get used to the doppel as they work slightly differently to the way a touchscreen works and we have loads of videos to help you through.

    We know that doppel has helped so many people with stress and using it for relaxing but we also know that setting up a new piece of tech can be daunting. We're always on hand to go through guidance steps and tips to get doppel going again and if ever a replacement is preferred, we will get that out right away.

    - Best Wishes


    doppel Community Manager


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